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Turn your daily search into social impact

Mayyan is a search engine that aims to turn every search into social impact, by investing 30% of the revenues generated to non-profit organizations that impacts Africa

Projects that we aim to achieve

Influencing 500,000 people by 2030 is our mission. You don't even know what journey you're about to take.
Ensure access to clean water, by building wells, and converting sea water into fresh water on a large scale.
Provide small-scale farmers with everything they need to produce more food and earn more money.
Ensure access to sustainable energy for schools, hospitals and homes.
Starting in 2023. Empower remote health services and hospitals to do more.
Starting in 2023. Provide children with everything they need and lead collective action on education.

How it works

Search as usual

Results provide by Microsoft Bing, we ensure that you'll find everything you're looking for.

We display advertising

Search ads are display at the top of your results, we generate income when you click.


Mayyan use 30% of this income for non-profit that empower only Africa.

Transform 500,000 lives by 2030

With 20 searches and clicks on ads we can supply a farmers with fertilizer they need to grow more food and earn more money. With 150,000 searches we can build a water borehole for more than 200 people or provide electricity to a school.

Your privacy is important

Unlike most of search engine on the market, we don't sell your data to 3rd party.

Work with us

Non profit organization or talent looking to impact the African continent, you can work with us and help us achieve more. Tell us more about your project and become a part of Mayyan partners.

Mayyan is constantly evolving. We are continually developing our technologies to improve your experience. To do so, the product development roadmap is under construction.

You can access Mayyan from anywhere, but we only generate revenue from the EU and US. We have launched Mayyan on the web and on IoS (Android will be ready by the end of September). We've also thought about your search habits by creating Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions, to make the transition easier.

The goal is to partner with nonprofits that can expand to all 54 countries in Africa. We look for partners with high visibility, measurable key performance indicators and, most importantly, a social commitment that empowers people.

Through the sponsored links displayed at the top of each search (ads), Mayyan will donate 30% of its revenue to nonprofit organizations striving to make a sustainable impact on the African continent.

Mayyan's search results and advertising are provided by Microsoft Bing. Our goal is to help you quickly find the information you are looking for. While we understand that you may be unsettled by this change of habit, we guarantee you one thing: this small change has a big impact.

We're about to impact thousands of lives. Ensuring access to clean water, providing small-scale farmers with everything they need to grow more crops and earn more money. Ensuring access to affordable, sustainable energy for schools, hospitals and homes.


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